The members of the Board are training institutes registered and permanently located in Nordic or Baltic countries and providing training in native language. And the purpose of the Board is to promote and protect the level of psychodrama training in its area of activity. In order to achieve its purpose: 

  • The Board sets requirements for two levels of training: Certified Practitioner (CP) and Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP).
  • The Board issues the title of Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP) after the requirements have been met. The title will be used in English alongside with national title.
  • The Board authorises the member institutes to grant the title of Certified Practitioner (CP) after the requirements have been met. The title will be used alongside with national title.
  • The Board organizes conferences/seminars for CPs and TEPs.
  • The Board organizes TEP examinations.

Estonia: Tallinn Psychodrama Institute, Moreno Centre (Morenokeskus)

P. Süda tn 1, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia,  (+372) 646 1095,
+372 5537187, Pille Isat, director of TPI
+372 6461095, Moreno centre info
Main trainers TEPs – Pille Isat, Tuuli Vellama, Sirkku Aitolehti, Aivar Simmermann and CP Andres Sild.

1990-1992 psychodramatists from Finland and Sweden hold short-term courses in Estonia to introduce psychodrama and the ideas of Moreno. After re-establishing the independence of Estonian Republic in 1992, lot of psychodramatists from Nordic countries, England and Israel continued seminars and courses of psychodrama, sociodrama and group psychotherapy. In 1995 two training programs started – one in Tallinn lead by Sirkku Aitolehti, TEP from Helsinki Psychodrama Institute, and other in Tartu lead by Ruuda Palmquist, TEP from Swedish Moreno Institute….Read more


Estonia: Tartu Psychodrama Institute

Kastani 42, Tartu 50410 Telefon: 742 0343 Faks: 742 0349

Tartu Psychodrama Institute is a successor of the Swedish Moreno Institute which started regular trainings in Estonia in 1994. The main trainers were Ruuda Palmquist and later Leif Dag Blomkvist and Marc Treadwell. The first TEPs (Karin Hango and Vahur Murutar) were certified in 2008. The Estonian organisation was founded in March 2012.

Read more


Finland: Helsinki Psychodrama Institute (Helsingin psykodraamainstituutin)

+358 44 599 3377, Reijo Kauppila, director of Helsinki Psychodrama Institute

Helsinki Psychodrama Institute was co-founded by Sirkku Aitolehti, TEP, in 1992 with other psychodrama trainers. It is a member of Nordic Board of Examiners since 1996 and FEPTO since 2011. Helsinki Psychodrama Institute is actively participating in international cooperation in developing theory and practice of psychodrama. It has coordinated international projects like Inspirational pedagogy (2013-2014, funded by Nordic Council of Ministers), and EBTS-Trainings (2017-2019, funded by Erasmus+Adult Education). It is active both in NBE and FEPTO….Read More


Latvia: Latvian Moreno Institute


+371 29 357 376 , Jolanta Baltina, director of Moreno Institute in Latvia

The Moreno Institute in Latvia was founded 2002 by Inara Erdmanis with permission from Zerka Moreno. It is a member of Nordic Board of Examiners since 1996 and FEPTO since 2012.


Norway: Moreno institute, Norway (Moreno instituttet)

+47 22 44 01 75 or +478 40 47 32 18


Sweden: Swedish Moreno institute (Svenska Morenoinstitutet)

Urban Norlander, Gösvägen 68, 663 40 Hammarö, Sweden
+46 (0)70-7548803

The Swedish Moreno Institute is an educational institute for psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. We organize introductory courses, self-experience groups, thematic specialty seminars and supervisory groups in addition to courses at the basic and leader level and in CP and TEP levels.

The institute has existed since 1974, from the beginning with the name Södra Sverige’s Association for Psychodrama. In the mid-1990s….Read more