Tallinn Psychodrama Institute, Moreno Centre

P. Süda tn 1, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia,  (+372) 646 1095, info@morenokeskus.ee
+372 5537187, Pille Isat, director of TPI
+372 6461095, Moreno centre info
Main trainers TEPs – Pille Isat, Tuuli Vellama, Sirkku Aitolehti, Aivar Simmermann and CP Andres Sild.

1990-1992 psychodramatists from Finland and Sweden hold short-term courses in Estonia to introduce psychodrama and the ideas of Moreno. After re-establishing the independence of Estonian Republic in 1992, lot of psychodramatists from Nordic countries, England and Israel continued seminars and courses of psychodrama, sociodrama and group psychotherapy. In 1995 two training programs started – one in Tallinn lead by Sirkku Aitolehti, TEP from Helsinki Psychodrama Institute, and other in Tartu lead by Ruuda Palmquist, TEP from Swedish Moreno Institute.

In 1998 five people from Tallinn training group established Moreno Centre to spread the psychodrama knowledge and use group method in their everyday work as psychotherapists, councillors, group leaders, trainers and supervisors. Moreno Centre has 3 units – Moreno Training Centre, Tallinn Psychodrama Institute and Estonian Playback Theatre. Main activities – long-term psychodrama therapy groups; courses and supervision for specialists in social, medical and educational field; teamwork and stress management courses for specialists and organisations – methods mostly sociometry, psychodrama and group-work.
Training programs in TEP (9 years), CP (6 years) and Group Leader (3 years) level. Since 2015 the group-leader level is divided in 2 parts – 1 year practical group-leading and sociometry + 2 years psychodrama and sociometry used in supervision and coaching. The programs follow NBBE and ANSE (Association of National Supervision Organisations of Europe) standards.

Since 1995 Moreno Centre together with Estonian Psychodrama Association has hold Estonian Psychodrama Conferences to introduce this method and therapy and training possibilities of psychodrama in Estonia.
2000 I Baltic Moreno Conference was hold in Estonia by the initiative of Moreno Centre. Now this tradition is alive and after every 2 years BMC is hold in one Baltic countries.
2000 Tallinn Psychodrama Institute was accepted as a member of Nordic Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Group Psychotherapy.
2010 trainers of TPI were accepted as the members of Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association
2011 Moreno Centre was one of the establishers of Estonian Psychotherapy Association
2012 Tallinn Psychodrama Institute was accepted as the member of FEPTO
2007-2013 cooperation with Tallinn University to teach psychodrama and drama – therapy in creative therapy program. 2016 since now in Tallinn University teaching group-leading in the social skills program for school teachers
2007 cooperation with Culture Academy teaching applied theatre (paly-back and role play)
2013-2018 Estonian Music and Drama Academy teaching sociometry and psychodrama in MA program