History of NBE

Psychodrama has been practiced in the Nordic and Baltic countries for over 40 years. Development here was such that right from the beginning psychodrama had a close relationship to psychiatry and community work. The Nordic countries have always had a wide tange of people from the theater as well as journalists, theologian consultants, social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, lawyers and teachers attending training at different levels. This heterogeneity of professions has given the Nordic psychodrama stage a flair we are proud of. We have seen that there is not one profession which cannot benefit from psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. Therefore, we regard psychodrama as a discipline of its own rather than an exclusively psychiatric treatment -method.

The first Nordic psychodrama conference took place in 1983 at St. Gullber-na-Hospital in Karlskrona, Sweden. From this meeting a growing interest for further cooperation between psychodramatists in the Nordic countries emerged. A second conference, with the title Psychodrama and Society took place in Oslo, Norway 1987 organized by Norsk Førening for Psykodrama (Norwegian Psychodrama Association). The foundation of The Committee for a Nordic Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry & Group Psychotherapy was planned at this meeting. This committee was to discuss educational and professional matters in the Nordic countries as well as to evaluate and propose stan-dards for certification in psychodrama for the titles Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP) and Certified Practitioner (CP) within the Nordic countries. In autumn 1990 a third conference in Oslo was arranged by Norsk Psykodra-maskole which since 1991 is named Norsk Psykodramalnstitutt (Norwegian Psychodramainsti tute).

Between autumn 1988 and 1991 the Committee met several times. And in 1991 the NBE (Nordic Board of Examiners) was founded.

The work was above all inspired by the American Board of Examiners; but also by the Australian and New Zealand Board of Examiners.

The Nordic Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry & Group Psychotherapy first consisted of established psychodrama institutes or organizations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. And were responsible for the certification procedures and the issue of certificates according to the standards to Certified Practitioner (CP) and Trainer, Educator & Practitioner (TEP). Later Estonia and Latvia also became important members and the name was changed to the present name, Nordic Baltic Board of examiners.

Founding members

Today the founding members are Tallinn Psychodrama Institute (Morenokeskus) and Tartu Psychodrama Institute in Estonia, Latvian Moreno institute in Latvia, Helsinki Moreno institute in Finland, Moreno instituttet in Norway and Swedish Moreno institute in Sweden. 

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