Sweden: Svenska Morenoinstitutet (Swedish Moreno institute)

The Swedish Moreno Institute is an educational institute for psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. We organize introductory courses, self-experience groups, thematic specialty seminars and supervisory groups in addition to courses at the basic and leader level and in CP and TEP levels.

The institute has existed since 1974, from the beginning with the name Södra Sverige’s Association for Psychodrama. In the mid-1990s, we participated in the formation of the Nordic-Baltic Board of Examiners, an organization that maintains the level of education, sets standards and examines at director level, Certified Practitioners (CP) and Trainer Educationer an Practitioner (TEP. )

Our business is currently located in Stockholm, and Karlstad. New groups often arise because interest has been raised somewhere and in someone. We have the opportunity to arrange seminars of various kinds in other places, including courses.

All teachers / leaders have their own finances. The Board of Directors today consists of: Urban Norlander, Chairman, other Board members and deputies Laina Stolt, Inger Lagersson and Gunilla Rahm.

Urban Norlander, Gösvägen 68, 663 40 Hammarö, Sweden
+46 (0)70-7548803