Jolanta Baltina

Jolanta Baltina, TEP, MgPsych, and director of the Moreno Institute in Latvia.

She acquired her knowledge and skills in psychodrama from Zerk Moreno’s schoolgirl Inara Erdmane, who founded and led the Moreno Institute in Latvia.

Jolanta’s primary education is psychology and pedagogy, which helps to create and manage different types and levels of training in psychodrama. Jolanta believes life is like a game, but what it is determined by man. “Let everyone have a creative and happy life game! “



Endel Hango

Endel Hango is a TEP for Tartu Psychodrama Institute. He has been training psychodrama since 2006. His background in psychology and economics allows him to work both in clinical setting and with organisations. Endel is a certified coach and an organisational consultant; and accredited playback theatre trainer.  


Pille Isat

Founding member of Moreno Keskus, Crisis Program for Children and Youth, Estonian Psychotherapy Association and Estonian Psychodrama Association.

President of Nordic Board since 2015 and very grateful to have a strong team of trainers and leaders of psychodrama institutes in NBE to fill the mission of developing psychodrama in Nordic and Baltic countries.


Reijo Kauppila

Psychodrama Trainer T.E.P., M.Ed. (Adult Education), Certified Organisational Counsellor and Supervisor, Certified Business Coach, Coach ACC (ICF)

Reijo Kauppila is the director and a trainer in Helsinki Psychodrama Institute (Finland), and he gives seminars in the use of psychodrama in organizations, coaching and organizational counselling in Europe. He has a wide experience in coaching, consulting, and training leadership, team building, and change management in different organizations in private and public sectors. His speciality is learning in and with psychodrama. He uses psychodrama, sociometry and action methods, and develops their application in organizations.

Reijo Kauppila is the Chair of Training Committee in FEPTO Council, a board member in Nordic Board of Examiners of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, and a former President of Finnish Coaching Association.


Urban Norlander

Psychodrama Director TEP (Trainer, Educator, Practitioner by NBE), Coach (ICF) With long experience as an actor, director and theater teacher.

Urban is the chairman and a trainer of Swedish Moreno institute and has conducted trainings on psychodrama at Karlstad University.


Eduardo verdu

Eduardo Verdú, T.E.P. MSc., and director of the Norwegian Moreno Institute in Oslo.

He teaches, trains and supervises in psychodrama in Norway as well as throughout Europe where he also is a requested workshop holder and has been holding numerous amount of workshops for more than 20 years. Eduardo is a board member of the Nordic Board of Examiners and vice chairman of Pife as well as holding the chair of the Training and Supervision committee of Pife 

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